C-72.1, r. 8 - Rules respecting betting houses

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1. A holder of a racing licence authorizing the holding of a race calendar at a professional race track who wishes to obtain a horse racing betting house licence shall provide:
(1)  a copy of the deed authorizing the use of the betting house for the term of the licence or draft agreement;
(2)  a detailed plan of the betting house;
(3)  a description of the layout of the betting house, including its premises, and a description of the furniture, installations and equipment therein, including their location;
(4)  a description of the pari-mutuel system and an identification of each terminal;
(5)  an attestation from the municipal authorities to the effect that a betting house may be operated at that location;
(6)  a proposed calendar of the days on which the betting house is to operate;
(7)  an operation plan containing a complete feasibility study, as well as pro forma financial statements including a balance sheet and a statement of the betting house’s income and expenditures;
(8)  a copy of the agreement entered into, by the holder of the licence, with the legal person representing the horsemen and, where applicable, with another holder of a racing licence;
(9)  a copy of the licence issued by the Régie des alcools, des courses et des jeux, where applicable;
(10)  an attestation that he holds a trust account or a separate account for the amounts paid into the purse fund; and
(11)  a copy of the liability insurance policy covering the betting house.
Decision 93-07-12, s. 1; Decision 2012-02-15, s. 1.