C-72.1, r. 6 - Rules respecting the breeding of Québec Standardbred race horses

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10. The owner or lessee of any stallion registered with the board must, not later than 31 december of each year, send to the board on the prescribed form a report, for the preceding 12-month period, mentioning the following information:
(1)  the date of the first and the last breeding of each mare during the period covered;
(2)  the name of the stallion and of the mare bred to it each time;
(3)  the name and address of the owner of the mare at the time of the last breeding;
(4)  the year of birth of the mare;
(5)  the tattoo number of the mare.
Decision 83-12-21, s. 10; Decision 84-12-07, s. 2.