C-72.01, r. 1 - Rules of the municipal courts

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1. Unless the context indicates otherwise,
(a)  “case” means any stage of a criminal, penal or civil proceeding and a motion or application;
(b)  “court” means a municipal court of Québec;
(c)  “clerk” means a clerk, deputy clerk or replacement clerk;
(d)  “judge” means a municipal court judge;
(e)  “president judge” means, in a court where judges exercise their functions exclusively and on a full-time basis, a judge appointed by the Government to preside over a court and includes the associate president judge where that judge replaces the president judge;
(f)  “judge responsible for the court” means, in a court composed of more than one judge, a judge designated by the Government as the judge responsible for the court;
(g)  “parties” means the Queen, the prosecuting party, the prosecution, the defendant, the intervener, the impleaded party or the opposing party.
O.C. 950-2005, s. 1.