C-67, r. 1 - Regulation respecting eligibility for the benefits of the Agreement concerning James Bay and Northern Québec

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31. (1)  A person entitled to be enrolled as a Cree under Division III shall also be enrolled on one of the lists established for each community.
(2)  A qualified Cree person in each community shall be appointed as the local registry officer by the Government.
(3)  Each local registry officer shall keep and maintain the Cree community list and he shall forthwith notify the General Secretariat of all changes in the list necessitating changes in the Cree register.
(4)  A person shall not be enrolled in more than one Cree community at a time.
(5)  A person shall be enrolled in the community in respect of which he is presently registered under the Indian Act (R.S.C. 1985, c. I-5) if he is registered as a band member.
(6)  If a person is not a band member he shall be enrolled in the Cree community in which he has been granted affiliation pursuant to paragraphs b, c and d of section 9 or section 10 or 11 and failing this, in the Cree community in which one of his parents is enrolled. The choice of such Cree community in the latter case shall be at the option of the person having the custody in law or in fact of such person, if minor, or at his option if he has attained the age of 18.
(7)  A person born of parents who are members of 2 different Cree communities shall be enrolled in his father’s Cree community. Upon attaining the age of majority, such person shall have the right to be enrolled in either Cree community and shall notify the General Secretariat as to the Cree community in which he wishes to be enrolled and, failing to do so, he shall remain a member of the father’s Cree community.
(8)  A Cree marrying a member of another Cree community may retain membership in his community of origin.
(9)  A person who is enrolled in one of the Cree communities may be admitted as a member of another Cree community with the consent of the latter. The decision shall be made by a majority of the members of the community who are present at a community meeting called for said purpose and such decision shall be reported in a council resolution and forwarded to the local registry officer.
R.R.Q., 1981, c. C-67, r. 1, s. 31.