C-65.1, r. 8 - Regulation respecting payment of interest to government suppliers

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4. Subject to any provision to the contrary in an Act or regulation or, upon the authorization of the Conseil du trésor, of a particular contract, any department or agency must, on the specific request of a supplier, pay such supplier interest on any overdue payment unless the amount of such interest is less that $5.
A payment made after receipt of a bill is considered overdue if the payment period exceeds 30 days. A payment not preceded by a bill is considered overdue if it is issued on a date following either the payment date stipulated in the contract or the acceptance date, whichever is later.
The interest payable under this section shall be computed from the first day of the overdue period, at the rate in effect under section 28 of the Tax Administration Act (chapter A-6.002).
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