C-65.1, r. 4 - Regulation respecting certain service contracts of public bodies

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42.2. The following contracts may be entered into by mutual agreement with a service provider when they are aimed at continuing the health services or social services currently provided by the service provider to vulnerable persons so as to keep them or integrate them in their natural environment:
(1)  contracts whose object is to provide employability development services and social assistance and support services intended exclusively for persons benefiting from government employment assistance measures;
(2)  contracts whose object is to provide accommodation and long-term care services to persons with decreasing autonomy;
(3)  contracts whose object is to provide accommodation services, including support services, to persons with adjustment problems, addictions, health problems or an impairment;
(4)  contracts whose object is to provide accommodation services or specialized services to support the social reintegration of offenders;
(5)  contracts whose object is the administration of a compensatory work program for persons who are unable to pay a fine;
(6)  contracts whose object is to provide reception and integration services to immigrants, with or without francization services.
The remuneration of service providers in the course of the performance of any of the contracts referred to in the first paragraph continues to be carried out in accordance with the applicable rules, where applicable.
O.C. 482-2014, s. 1.