C-65.1, r. 2 - Regulation respecting certain supply contracts of public bodies

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26.1. Despite section 10, a public body may also use a call for tenders in 2 stages to award a supply contract. The second and third paragraphs of section 19 and sections 24 and 25 apply to such call for tenders.
The public body firsts selects suppliers by soliciting solely a quality demonstration in accordance with Schedule 1 or with sections 1 to 7 of Schedule 2. In the latter case, the tender documents must indicate the number of selected suppliers who will be invited to participate in the second stage.
The public body then invites the selected suppliers to submit a tender involving either only a price, or a quality demonstration and a price. In the first case, the public body awards the contract to the supplier who submitted the lower price; in the latter case, the public body applies the quality evaluation conditions in Schedule 2 and awards the contract to the supplier who submitted the lowest adjusted price.
O.C. 292-2016, s. 19.