C-65.1, r. 2 - Regulation respecting certain supply contracts of public bodies

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18.1. A delivery order contract may allow the selected supplier to replace goods referred to in the contract by new goods provided that the new goods comply with the technical specifications required and provided that their price does not exceed the price of the replaced goods.
Where the delivery order contract is entered into with more than one supplier, each of them may reduce the price of the goods referred to in the contract or replace them in accordance with the first paragraph.
The public body must specify in the tender documents the conditions to be met to make such changes as well as the mechanism to inform the other selected suppliers of the changes made by a competing supplier.
For the purposes of section 18, the price of goods reduced by a supplier under the second paragraph becomes the price submitted by the supplier for the goods concerned.
O.C. 292-2016, s. 16.