C-65.1, r. 12 - Engineers’ Fees (Services to Government) Regulation

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7. The final plans and specifications are prepared after the firm has determined under section 6 the basis for the final technical solution and the client has received it and formally approved it in writing within the prescribed time.
The services include
(1)  the preparation of construction drawings, detailed drawings, the statement of work and descriptive specifications connected to the firm’s area of specialization and needed for the tender and construction;
(2)  the preparation of the general statement of work when the project falls entirely within the firm’s area of specialization;
(3)  the preparation of the other documents needed to issue a call for tenders;
(4)  the preparation of the schedule of requirements with estimated unit prices for the work where it is customary to apply unit prices;
(5)  the review of the cost estimates for the work prepared at the preliminary phase, based on the divisions of the specifications; and
(6)  the issuing of addenda, the analysis of the tenders and the formulation of appropriate suggestions.
D. 1235-87 (French only), a. 7; O.C. 195-2023.