C-61.1, r. 77 - Regulation respecting wildfowl hunting controlled zones

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3. An agency may, by by-law, determine the cases where a person who, for recreational purposes, enters or stays in a ZEC under its management or engages in any other activity therein shall be required to register.
Such person shall comply with the following registration procedure:
(1)  report to the designated reception centre;
(2)  show identification and, where applicable, his hunting licence to the registration officer and state his name and address;
(3)  obtain from the officer a proof of registration and place it on the dashboard of his vehicle so that it may be read from the outside or keep it with him and produce it upon request from a wildlife protection officer, a wildlife protection assistant or an area warden; and
(4)  return the duly completed registration to the registration officer on leaving the controlled zone.
O.C. 1255-99, s. 3.