C-61.1, r. 5 - Regulation respecting animals in captivity

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74.2. (Revoked).
O.C. 802-2010, s. 40; O.C. 1173-2013, s. 26.
74.2. To obtain a non-resident’s circus licence, a person must apply in writing to the Minister and
(1)  be a non-resident;
(2)  provide his or her name and address; in the case of a legal person, its firm name and the address of its head office; in the case of a partnership, its name and the address of its main place of business; in the case of a natural person doing business under another name, that name, the person’s name and address and the address of the main place of business;
(3)  specify the animal species that will be kept in captivity;
(4)  specify the location where the animals will be kept in captivity and the location where they will be exhibited;
(5)  indicate the date of arrival of the animals kept in captivity in Québec and their date of departure and the date of their exhibition;
(6)  specify the name of the insurance company, the amount of civil liability coverage, which must be at least $2,000,000 and sufficient to cover the risks involved in exhibiting animals kept in captivity, and the number of the insurance policy; and
(7)  explain how the buildings, cages, enclosures and shelters of the animals will be designed or built so as to prevent any animal attack and any transmission of fatal infectious diseases.
O.C. 802-2010, s. 40.