C-61.1, r. 5 - Regulation respecting animals in captivity

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35. (Revoked).
O.C. 1238-2002, s. 35; O.C. 1173-2013, s. 6.
35. The holder of a wildlife rehabilitation centre licence shall
(1)  allow a wildlife protection officer or a person accompanying the officer to take samples from the animals kept in captivity or from the premises on which they are kept;
(2)  submit to the Minister, on or before 31 January of each year, a report indicating
(a)  the number of animals of each species kept in captivity;
(b)  the origin of the animals received during the year; and
(c)  the number of animals of each species that died or that were killed or otherwise disposed of during the year;
(3)  maintain a register and enter therein, for each animal received, its origin, the names and addresses of the persons who provided the licence holder with it, the date of receipt, the date on which it was set free and the location, or the date on which it was put to death;
(4)  maintain a list of the persons under the holder’s supervision who keep animals in captivity for rehabilitation purposes; and
(5)  build and maintain every shelter, cage, or enclosure in accordance with the plans and specifications referred to in paragraph 5 of section 33.
O.C. 1238-2002, s. 35.