C-61.1, r. 5 - Regulation respecting animals in captivity

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22. (Revoked).
O.C. 1238-2002, s. 22; O.C. 1173-2013, s. 2.
22. A zoological garden licence is renewable if its holder
(1)  applies therefor in writing to the Minister;
(2)  complies with the provisions of Division II and those of this Division;
(3)  states in the application that the animals kept in captivity are of the same species as the species that were declared when the licence was applied for, indicates any new species of animals that are being kept in captivity and submits the plans and specifications for new structures, in particular cages, enclosures, shelters and drinking water outlets for those species;
(4)  provides with the application a report drawn up by the veterinary surgeon employed by the zoological garden or by the veterinary surgeon responsible for supervising the care of the fish, amphibians or reptiles, dated not more than 3 months before the application for renewal, attesting that the animals or fish, amphibians or reptiles kept in captivity are in good health and are receiving the care required by their health condition; and
(5)  includes with the application the fees prescribed by the Regulation respecting the scale of fees and duties related to the development of wildlife (chapter C-61.1, r. 32).
O.C. 1238-2002, s. 22.