C-61.1, r. 34 - Regulation respecting fishing and hunting areas

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Fishing and Hunting Areas
Area 23–That part of Québec whose perimeter is as follows:
Starting from the meeting point of the parallel 55º30′ of north latitude and the meridian 69º30′ of west longitude; thence, southerly, along that meridian to the watershed line between the drainage basins of the St. Lawrence River and the drainage basins of James Bay, Hudson Bay and Ungava Bay; thence, in a general northeasterly direction, along that watershed line to the Québec-Labrador border; thence, northerly, easterly and northerly, along that border to its northernmost limit; thence, southerly and in a general northwesterly direction, along the seashores of Ungava Bay and Hudson Strait to the northwestern tip of Nouveau-Québec; thence, southerly, along the seashore of Hudson Bay to the northern limit of lands of Category II of Poste-de-la-Baleine; thence, easterly and southeasterly, along the northern and northeastern limits of these lands to the parallel 55º30′ of north latitude; thence, easterly, along that parallel to the starting point.
Area 24 is to be withdrawn from this point.
O.C. 27-90, Sch. XXIII.