C-61.1, r. 24 - Regulation respecting outfitters

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41.2. Every person must register at the place provided for that purpose by the outfitter where he carries on or has access to an activity of wildlife observation, photography, windsurfing, canoe-camping, hiking, horseback riding, cycling or riding motor vehicles, picking wild berries, bathing, spelunking or boating on a territory of an outfitter referred to in section 41.1 and during the period from 1 May to 1 November or from 1 May to 30 November for the territory of Île d’Anticosti; upon registration, that person must indicate his name, address, type of recreational activity planned, the date and place of the carrying on of the activity or access to the activity.
The first paragraph does not apply to a person who carries on or has access to an activity referred to therein on his trapping grounds located in a beaver reserve.
O.C. 1194-93, s. 1; O.C. 530-2001, s. 16.