C-61.1, r. 1 - Regulation respecting hunting activities

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7. The spouse of the holder of a resident’s “Snaring of hare or cottontail rabbit” hunting licence or of a resident’s or non-resident’s “Small game” or “Small game using a bird of prey” hunting licence or of a resident’s “Northern leopard frog, Green frog, Bull frog”, including a resident’s hunting licence of one of the classes referred to in section 7.3 of the Regulation respecting hunting (chapter C-61.1, r. 12), hunting licence may use that holder’s licence. The spouse shall also carry the holder’s licence when not accompanied by the holder.
Where the spouse is a resident, the spouse shall hold and carry the hunter’s or trapper’s certificate provided for in the Regulation respecting hunting appropriate to the hunting weapon used.
The bags of the spouse shall be included when computing the bag limit of the licence holder.
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