C-61.1, r. 18 - Regulation respecting wildlife habitats

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2. In sections 12, 22 and 27, the expression “shelter stand” means a softwood stand or a solftwood-dominant mixed stand 7 m high or more, that has a canopy density of 60% or more and is located in a white-tailed deer yard.
In Division II,
(1)  “laying out as an uneven-aged structure” means forest management intended to ensure that all age and diameter classes are present in a stand so that it remains of uneven-aged; (aménagement en structure inéquienne)
(2)  “selection cutting” means the felling or harvesting of chosen trees in order to keep in the stand stems from each age or diameter class; it requires the marking in each of the age or diameter classes of the trees to be harvested in the stand; (coupe de jardinage)
(3)  “cut with regeneration and soil protection including high regeneration” means cutting all at once all the trees in an area, while preserving advance regeneration and stems smaller than 10 cm at breast height, minimising any disturbance of the soil during harvest operations and ensuring the protection of lichen-bearing snags; (coupe avec protection de la régénération et des sols incluant la haute regénération)
(4)  “release of softwood regeneration” means an operation that consists in favouring seedlings of softwood species at the expense of competing plant species such as ligneous or herbaceous species; (dégagement de régénération résineuse)
(5)  “precommercial thinning” means an operation that consists in reducing the density of seedlings to increase the growth and strength of remaining stems; that intervention does not allow for the harvest of merchantable volume; (éclaircie précommerciale)
(6)  “commercial thinning” means a partial cut in a stand so as to reduce the number of stems and to give more strength to the remaining stems; that intervention allows for the harvest of a merchantable volume; (éclaircie commerciale)
(7)  “even-aged stand” means a stand where trees have the same or almost the same age; (peuplement équien)
(8)  “uneven-aged stand” means a stand comprising trees from different age or diameter classes; (peuplement inéquien)
(9)  “planting” means an operation that consists in putting seedlings into the soil so as to quickly occupy the station (plantation).
In this Regulation, “habitat of the woodland caribou, mountain ecotype, Gaspésie population” means the habitat described in section 2 of the Regulation respecting threatened or vulnerable species and their habitats (chapter E-12.01, r. 2).
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