C-61.1, r. 13 - Ministerial Order respecting the delegation of certain powers of the Minister of Natural Resources and Wildlife

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1. The Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Wildlife, the Associate Deputy Minister of Wildlife Québec, the Director General of Wildlife Management and Development, the Director of Wildlife Habitats and Regulation and a regional wildlife management director are authorized, within the limits of their respective responsibilities:
— In accordance with second paragraph of section 106, to amend or replace the by-laws of an agency party to a memorandum of agreement duly approved in accordance with section 110.1;
— In accordance with section 106.0.2, to approve a plan for recreational activities as mentioned in section 106.0.1 of the Act;
— In accordance with section 110.2, to amend or replace a by-law of an agency that is party to a memorandum of agreement if it does not comply with the conditions prescribed by regulation of the government or if the rules provided for its adoption have not been complied with.
M.O. 2004-034, s. 1.