C-61.01, r. 18 - Order respecting the establishment of the Réserve écologique de la Forêt-la-Blanche and approval of the conservation plan

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1. The permanent ecological reserve status is assigned to the land, the plan and technical description of which appear as schedules to this Order, under the name Réserve écologique de la Forêt-la-Blanche, on the dates below;
— on 1 April 2006 for the parts of the land designated in the plan and in Section 3 of the technical description and for those parts that remain land set aside as a proposed ecological reserve until that date;
— on the date of publication of this Order in the Gazette officielle du Québec for the rest of the land to which the plan and technical description refer.
O.C. 1011-2003, s. 1.