C-48.1, r. 16 - Regulation respecting the practice of the chartered professional accountancy profession within a partnership or a joint-stock company

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6. Where two or more members practise their profession within a partnership or company, a representative may satisfy the conditions set out in sections 3 and 4 on behalf of the members of such partnership or company. Under this Regulation, the representative is thus mandated by these members to respond to requests made by the syndic, an inspector, an investigator or any other representative of the Order, and to provide, where applicable, the documents that members of the Order are required to submit.
Where a partnership or company contemplated in section 1 is concerned, a representative shall be designated.
The representative shall be a member of the Order who is either a partner or a company director and a shareholder with voting rights.
Except for paragraphs 4 and 5 of section 4, the representative shall ensure that the information provided in the statement is accurate.
O.C. 57-2003, s. 6.