C-48.1, r. 11 - Regulation respecting terms and conditions for permits to be issued by the Ordre professionnel des comptables en management accrédités du Québec

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6. The professional training program consists of the following activities:
(1)  individual sessions, comprising readings and exercises in topics of current interest and in the latest developments in management and management accounting;
(2)  one-day group sessions aimed at enabling the trainee to assimilate the knowledge acquired during individual sessions;
(3)  3-day residence sessions principally devoted to analyzing and presenting cases designed in particular to develop the trainee’s aptitudes for teamwork; and
(4)  a comprehensive test given at the end of the program to evaluate mastery of the knowledge and skills acquired during the training period.
The individual, group and residence sessions count for 55% of the final mark, and the comprehensive test for 45%.
O.C. 319-92, s. 6.