C-26, r. 81 - Code of ethics of the members of the Ordre des conseillers en ressources humaines et en relations industrielles agréés du Québec

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19. A member shall safeguard his professional independence at all times. He shall, in particular:
(1)  ignore any intervention by a third party which could influence the fulfilment of his professional obligations to the detriment of his client;
(2)  avoid carrying out a task contrary to his conscience or to the principles governing the practice of his profession; or
(3)  avoid any situation in which he would be in conflict of interest.
Without restricting the general meaning of subparagraph 3 of the first paragraph, a member is in conflict of interest when the interests in question are such that he might favour some of them over those of the client or whereby his judgment and loyalty towards the latter may be unfavourably affected.
O.C. 381-98, s. 19.