C-26, r. 6 - Regulation respecting standards for the issue and holding of radiology permits

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2. A radiology permit shall be issued to a member of a professional order to whom this Regulation applies and who:
(1)  has submitted his application in writing to the secretary of the order in a form similar to that set out in Schedule 1;
(2)  has acquired, within the 5 years preceding the year of his application, training in radiology at an educational institution issuing diplomas that give access to a permit of a professional order referred to in section 1 or training recognized as equivalent by the order of which he is a member, that includes a minimum of
(a)  55 hours in radiation protection;
(b)  120 hours in radiological technique;
(c)  125 hours in diagnostic radiology; and
(d)  25 hours in radiation biology.
In appraising the training referred to in an application for training equivalence, the following factors are taken into account:
(a)  the fact that the member holds one or more university diplomas;
(b)  the type of courses taken by the member, course content, the number of hours or credits for each course and the results obtained;
(c)  the training periods successfully completed by the member and any other relevant continuing training or refresher activities; and
(d)  the type and duration of the relevant work experience of the member.
O.C. 1210-87, s. 2; O.C. 87-2010, s. 1.