C-26, r. 68 - Code of ethics of the members of the Ordre des conseillers et conseillères d’orientation du Québec

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12. Members must, except in an emergency, obtain the free and enlightened consent of the client or the client’s representative before undertaking any evaluation or action.
To enable a client to give free and enlightened consent, members must inform the client of and ensure that the client understands
(1)  the nature and scope of the problems identified from the information obtained;
(2)  the objective to be pursued and how the objective is to be achieved;
(3)  the nature of the professional services that may be provided, as well as the advantages and alternatives;
(4)  the limits and constraints characterizing the context of the professional service;
(5)  the use of information obtained;
(6)  the consequences of accepting or refusing professional services;
(7)  the implications of sharing information with third parties, if required; and
(8)  the professional fees and terms of payment, if any.
O.C. 384-2006, s. 12.