C-26, r. 58 - Regulation respecting continuing education for certified general accountants holding a public accountancy permit

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5. Members shall submit to the Order, not later than 60 days after the end of each reference year within a reference period, a duly completed and signed training activity report using the form provided by the Order. They shall indicate therein the training activities engaged in during the reference year, the name of the person, body or educational institution organizing or offering the activity, the marks obtained, the number of hours completed, as well as the activities in respect of which they have obtained an exemption in accordance with Division IV.
To determine whether the member has met the requirements of this Regulation, the Order may require relevant and reliable supporting documents in addition to the training activity report, including receipts identifying the activities engaged in, their duration and content, the organization or person offering the activity and, if applicable, a certificate of attendance or attestation of results obtained.
O.C. 1198-2009, s. 5.