C-26, r. 286 - Code of ethics of the members of the Ordre professionnel des travailleurs sociaux et des thérapeutes conjugaux et familiaux du Québec

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3.03.03. Unless a social worker has sound and reasonable grounds to the contrary, he may not cease to render services to a client. The following are considered sound and reasonable grounds:
(a)  loss of a client’s confidence;
(b)  if the social worker’s services are no longer beneficial to a client;
(c)  if a social worker is in a situation of conflict that jeopardizes his relationship with his client;
(d)  if a social worker is incited by a client to perform illegal, unfair or fraudulent acts.
R.R.Q., 1981, c. C-26, r. 180, s. 3.03.03.