C-26, r. 231 - Regulation respecting equivalence standards for a permit to be issued to dental prosthesis and appliance technologists

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5. A candidate holding a degree issued by an educational institution outside Québec is granted an equivalence if the degree was received upon completion of college studies comprising the equivalence of a minimum of 56 credits distributed as follows:
(1)  6 credits in ceramics;
(2)  1 credit in dental materials;
(3)  20 credits in removable dental prostheses;
(4)  18 credits in fixed dental prostheses;
(5)  5 credits in cast frameworks for removable dental prostheses;
(6)  4 credits in dental anatomy;
(7)  2 credits in orthodontia.
A credit is the quantitative value attributed to a workload required of a student and representing 45 hours of attendance at a course or personal work.
O.C. 1663-88, s. 5.