C-26, r. 222.1.01 - Regulation respecting certain professional activities that may be engaged in by persons other than sexologists

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2. The supervisor referred to in section 1 must be a member of the Order and, where applicable, be qualified to engage in the professional activities he or she is supervising and have a minimum of 5 years of practical experience in the field covered by the training program.
He or she must not have been the subject, in the 3 years preceding the supervision, of a decision under section 55 of the Professional Code (chapter C-26) requiring the person to complete a period of refresher training or a refresher course or of any decision by a professional order, a disciplinary council or the Professions Tribunal imposing the striking off the rolI, or restriction or suspension of the right to engage in professional activities.
On request, the supervisor sends to the Order the contact information of the student and the terms and conditions that apply to the supervisor.
O.C. 640-2015, s. 2.