C-26, r. 219 - Regulation respecting diploma and training equivalence standards for the issue of a permit by the Ordre des psychologues du Québec

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5. A candidate who wishes to have a diploma or training equivalence recognized must provide the secretary with the following documents, which are required to support the candidate’s application, together with the application processing fees payable under paragraph 8 of section 86.0.1 of the Professional Code (chapter C-26):
(1)  the candidate’s academic record, including the official transcript, a description of courses taken and the number of hours or credits for each course;
(2)  a copy of any diploma obtained, certified true by the educational institution;
(3)  an official attestation from the university-level educational institution that issued the diploma confirming that the internships and training periods have been successfully completed;
(4)  an official attestation of participation in any other training period or training activity, a description of the activities in the training period or training activity including the number of hours, the number of hours of supervision and the qualifications of the supervisor; and
(5)  an official attestation and a description of relevant work experience, including a description of the duties and responsibilities assumed, the number of hours of work with or without supervision and the qualifications of the immediate manager or, if applicable, the immediate supervisor.
O.C. 56-2007, s. 5.