C-26, r. 212 - Code of ethics of psychologists

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20. Psychologists must respond promptly, at the latest within 30 days of its receipt, to any written request made by a client or a person authorized by the client to consult or obtain a copy of documents that concern the client in any record made in his or her respect.
Psychologists may charge the client reasonable fees not exceeding the cost of reproducing or transcribing documents or the cost of transmitting a copy of the documents.
Psychologists who intend to charge such fees must inform the client of the approximate amount to be paid before reproducing, transcribing or transmitting the information.
Psychologists may temporarily deny access to information contained in a record established in the client’s respect if its disclosure would likely cause serious harm to the client’s health. In such a case, psychologists must inform the client of the reasons for the refusal, enter the reasons in the record and inform the client of the client’s recourses.
Psychologists must refuse to release to a client personal information concerning the client if its disclosure would likely reveal personal information concerning a third party or the existence of such information, and the disclosure could seriously harm that third party, unless the latter consents to the communication of the information or in the case of an emergency that threatens the life, health or safety of the person concerned.
O.C. 439-2008, s. 20.