C-26, r. 212 - Code of ethics of psychologists

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11. Before providing professional services, psychologists must, except in an emergency, obtain the free and enlightened consent of the client, the client’s representative or the client’s parents in the case of a child under 14 years of age, informing the client of
(1)  the objective, nature, relevance and main terms of the professional services, the advantages and disadvantages of the services and alternatives, the limits and mutual responsibilities of the parties, including any agreement on fees and terms of payment;
(2)  the possibility of refusing the professional services offered or ceasing to receive professional services at any time; and
(3)  the rules and limits of confidentiality and the terms related to the transmission of confidential information pertaining to the intervention.
Disclosure of the information must be adapted to the context of the professional services provided.
O.C. 439-2008, s. 11.