C-26, r. 199 - Regulation respecting the committee on training of physical therapists and physiotherapy technologists

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5. The functions of the committee are
(1)  to review each year the situation as regards the quality of training in the light of developments in knowledge and practice, particularly as regards protection of the public and, where appropriate, to report its observations to the board of directors; and
(2)  to give its opinion to the board of directors, as regards the quality of training,
(a)  on projects involving the review or preparation of the objectives or standards referred to in the third paragraph of section 2; and
(b)  on ways to enhance the quality of training, in particular by proposing solutions to the problems observed.
The committee must indicate in its report and in any opinion the viewpoint of each of its members.
O.C. 437-2009, s. 5.