C-26, r. 197 - Code of ethics of physical therapists and physiotherapy technologists

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84. Members who advertise their fees and prices must
(1)  establish fees or prices;
(2)  specify the nature, extent and duration of the professional services included in the fees or prices;
(3)  indicate whether other costs are included in the fees or prices; and
(4)  indicate whether additional services which are not included in the fees or prices might be required.
The explanations and indications must be given in such manner as to reasonably inform persons who have no particular knowledge of physiotherapy.
Unless indicated otherwise in the advertisement, the fees or prices are to remain in effect for a minimum of 90 days after the date they were last broadcast or published. Members may, however, agree with the client on prices lower than those broadcast or published.
O.C. 633-2007, s. 84.