C-26, r. 123 - Code of ethics of chartered appraisers

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24.1. Subject to a decision of a tribunal or another authority and to the exceptions provided for in the second paragraph, no chartered appraiser may agree to conditional fees, that is, fees whose amount depends on the results of the professional services obtained.
A chartered appraiser may agree to conditional fees in respect of the following professional consultation services:
(1)  verification of the accuracy, presence or absence of an entry on the municipal assessment roll or on the roll of rental values relating to a property;
(2)  negotiations to determine the amount of indemnities in case of expropriation;
(3)  verification and negotiations of the operating expenses of an immovable under lease.
Despite the second paragraph, when appearing before a tribunal or an arbitrator or before a body or a person carrying out judicial or quasi-judicial duties, no chartered appraiser may in any case determine or accept conditional fees in respect of professional consultation services, including acting as an expert witness.
O.C. 251-2018, s. 12; O.C. 653-2018.