C-26, r. 113.01 - Code of ethics of occupational therapists

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80. With regard to the collection of payment, occupational therapists must:
(1)  not collect interest on outstanding accounts unless they have agreed to this condition with their client in advance. The interest thus charged must be at a reasonable rate;
(2)  not sell or assign their accounts for professional fees, except to another occupational therapist or a company or partnership within which they are authorized to carry on professional activities pursuant to the Regulation respecting the practice of the profession of occupational therapist in a partnership or joint-stock company (chapter C-26, r. 116.02);
(3)  ensure, as far as possible, that the person appointed to collect fees proceeds with tact and moderation as well as a respect for the confidentiality and practices related to debt collection authorized by law. They may communicate only the necessary information for that purpose.
O.C. 342-2015, s. 80.