C-26, r. 10 - Regulation of the Professions Tribunal

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24. The format of the factum must comply with the following rules:
(1)  the colour of the cover varies according to the party: yellow for the appellant, green for the respondent and grey for the other parties;
(2)  the front cover must indicate:
(a)  the record number assigned by the clerk;
(b)  the names of the appellant, the respondent and, where applicable, the other parties, in that order; under the name of each party, that party’s status in appeal is indicated in upper-case letters and the party’s status in first instance is indicated in lower-case letters;
(c)  identification of the factum according to the position of the party who files it; and
(d)  the name of the attorney;
(3)  the first volume of the factum must contain a general table of contents at the front and any subsequent volume must contain a general table of contents and a table of its contents;
(4)  page numbers must be indicated in the upper left-hand corner of each page of the argument and at the top of each page of the schedules;
(5)  each page must contain approximately 50 lines, numbered every 10 lines in the left margin;
(6)  except with leave of the Tribunal, the argument must not exceed 30 pages in length;
(7)  the text of the argument must have at least one and one-half spaces between the lines, with the exception of quotations, which must be single-spaced and indented. The font is equivalent to Arial 12 and there are not more than 12 characters per 2.5 cm;
(8)  the paragraphs of the argument must be numbered;
(9)  if there is more than one volume, the volume number and the sequence of pages contained therein must be indicated on the front cover and bottom edge of each volume.
The factum is presented on white paper of good quality, 21.5 cm by 28 cm in size.
O.C. 176-2010, s. 24.