C-26, r. 107 - Regulation respecting professional activities that may be engaged in by persons other than occupational therapists

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1. A person referred to in the second paragraph of section 10 of the Regulation respecting the standards for diploma equivalence or training equivalence for the issue of a permit by the Ordre des ergothérapeutes du Québec (chapter C-26, r. 117), may engage in, among the professional activities that may be engaged in by occupational therapists, those that are required to successfully complete the training period that would enable the person to be granted a diploma or training equivalence, provided that the person engages in those activities
(1)  in a work environment appropriate to the person’s training needs; and
(2)  under the supervision of a tutor who
(a)  is a member of the Order and has been practising the profession for at least 5 years;
(b)  has not been the subject of any penalty imposed by the disciplinary council of the Order or by the Professions Tribunal; and
(c)  has not been required to serve a refresher training period in accordance with the Règlement sur les stages et les cours de perfectionnement de l’Ordre des ergothérapeutes du Québec (chapter C-26, r. 120) and whose right to practise has not been limited or suspended in the 5 years preceding acceptance as a tutor.
O.C. 516-2004, s. 1.