C-26, r. 10 - Regulation of the Professions Tribunal

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26. Each deposition or excerpt therefrom must begin on a new page with a heading setting out the witness’s surname in upper-case letters, followed the first time only by parentheses containing the witness’s given name, age and residence address. The heading must also contain the following information, listed in abbreviated form:
(a)  the name of the party who called the witness;
(b)  the fact that the testimony was not given at the hearing, if such is the case;
(c)  the stage of the hearing (case in chief, defence, rebuttal);
(d)  the stage of the examination (examination, cross-examination, re-examination).
Depositions or excerpts therefrom may be reproduced in a condensed format (4 pages in 1), provided that the font is equivalent to Arial 10 and that each page contains a maximum of 23 lines numbered in the left margin.
O.C. 176-2010, s. 26.