C-25.1, r. 1 - Regulation respecting the form of statements of offence

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36. The front of the plea form on the statement of offence, or the data on the corresponding page screens, must consist of 2 sections which contain at least the headings, keywords, pre-printed or pre-programmed texts and spaces allowing the following to be entered:
(1)  in the section concerning the plea:
(a)  the statement of offence number;
(b)  the defendant’s plea; and
(c)  the defendant’s signature or, as the case may be, the defendant’s signature in electronic form or the electronic signature validation code, and the date of signature; and
(2)  in the section concerning the penalty and the payment:
(a)  the minimum fine and costs prescribed by law and, if applicable, the contribution, and the total amount of the fine, costs and, if applicable, contribution;
(b)  other amounts that may be imposed by law;
(c)  the address to which the defendant must send the plea and, if the defendant enters a plea of guilty, the address to which the total amount of the fine, costs and, if applicable, contribution, must be sent;
(d)  a repetition of the date of service of the statement of offence; and
(e)  any amount that has been paid.
O.C. 1211-97, s. 36; O.C. 973-2003, s. 9; O.C. 633-2006, s. 7.