C-25.01, r. 1 - Regulation to establish a pilot project on mandatory mediation for the recovery of small claims arising out of consumer contracts

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12. The fees payable to a mediator to carry out a mandatory mediation mandate within the framework of the pilot project are paid by the Ministère de la Justice. The mediator may not claim any other remuneration from the parties.
The fees are the same as those payable to a mediator to carry out a mediation mandate under the Regulation respecting the mediation of small claims (chapter C-25.01, r. 0.6). However, despite sections 13 and 14 of the above-mentioned Regulation, if a mediator holds a second session pursuant to the second paragraph of section 15 of this Regulation, the mediator may also receive fees for that second session, in addition to those that he or she may receive for the cancelled session.
Travelling expenses, research fees, communication expenses, and any other fees, costs or expenses are paid by the mediator. He or she may not request directly or indirectly that the parties pay or reimburse such expenses.
M.O. 2015, s. 12.