C-25.01, r. 0.7 - Regulation respecting family mediation

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4.1. A certifier shall extend the 2-year period within which the mediator must comply with the conditions of his undertaking, if the mediator applies therefor and demonstrates that he was unable to comply with that undertaking for reasons related, in particular, to illness, an accident, pregnancy, parental leave, absence from Québec or a change of career. The application shall include fees of $65 for its examination and the required vouchers and be supported by an affidavit. An extension shall be granted for a period of time equal to the time in the 2-year period during which the mediator was unable to comply with his undertaking. However, no extension may exceed 2 years.
Whether or not a mediator has prevailed himself of the first paragraph, the certifier shall also extend the 2-year period by one year if the mediator applies therefor to the certifier for the first time, at least 3 months before the expiry of the 2-year period, and claims that he has been unable to carry out the mediation mandates required.
In the latter case, the mediator shall include in his application:
(1)  fees of $65 for its examination;
(2)  an affidavit from the supervisor for the supervised mandates, if any; and
(3)  attestations for the completed complementary training courses.
When applying for the extension provided for in the second and third paragraphs, a mediator may replace his undertaking to carry out 10 family mediation mandates by an undertaking to carry out only 5 mediation mandates and to receive 21 hours of practical training including, in particular, simulation and role-playing exercises on fictitious cases. In such case, the mandates shall meet the conditions provided for in section 3, except for subparagraph 3 of the second paragraph.
O.C. 1117-2000, s. 4.