C-24.2, r. 7 - Regulation respecting dealers and recyclers

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14. The individual guarantee bond must contain the following particulars:
(1)  the security number;
(2)  the security amount;
(3)  the name and address of the surety;
(4)  the name and address of the licence applicant;
(5)  the obligations of the surety provided for in the Code;
(6)  mention that the surety can terminate the security by giving not less than 45 days, notice in writing to the Société;
(7)  mention that the surety forsakes the benefit of discussion;
(8)  the statement that the liability of the surety for the duration of the guarantee is limited to the amount prescribed by section 19 or 20;
(9)  the date of coming into force of the security and that of its expiry;
(10)  the date of the conclusion of the security and the signature of the licence applicant, of the duly authorized officer of the surety and of the witness present at the signing of the applicant and the officer.
O.C. 1693-87, s. 14; O.C. 1427-97, s. 17.