C-24.2, r. 51 - Regulation respecting road vehicles adapted for the transportation of handicapped persons

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68. The driver of a bus or minibus shall:
(1)  switch on flashing lights when the vehicle stops to let passengers on or off;
(2)  assist any passenger who needs help to get on or off the vehicle;
(3)  ensure that all wheelchairs are well secured and that the safety belt of each passenger is properly buckled before driving off;
(4)  where there are any passengers using a wheelchair that cannot be secured by a device provided for that purpose, seat those passengers on one of the vehicle’s seats;
(5)  where there are any passengers whose wheelchair cannot be secured by the devices provided for that purpose and who cannot be seated on one of the vehicle’s seats or who refuses to do so, refuse access to those passengers;
(6)  only use or allow the use of an emergency exit located on the left side of the vehicle in the case of an emergency.
O.C. 1058-93, s. 68.