C-24.2, r. 51 - Regulation respecting road vehicles adapted for the transportation of handicapped persons

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47. A power lift platform shall comply with the following standards:
(1)  it shall be capable of lifting a weight of not less than 350 kg at a temperature that may vary between 40ºC and -40ºC;
(2)  it shall be attached to the structure of the bus or minibus so as to withstand a horizontal force in any direction resulting from a deceleration of 20 g;
(3)  it shall have a net width of not less than 76 cm and a net length of not less than 112 cm;
(4)  it shall be covered with a skid-resistant surface;
(5)  it shall be equipped with a lateral raised edge 75 mm high and 3 mm thick;
(6)  it shall be equipped with 2 safety railings not less than 70 cm long and not less than 75 cm nor more than 85 cm high, measured from the platform; those railings shall be equipped with a device enabling the use of a wheelchair restraint strap;
(7)  at its front end, it shall have a flap that is not less than 10 cm nor more than 11 cm high and that is 3 mm thick; that flap shall have the same width as the platform; it shall be capable of folding down when the platform touches the ground and folding up when it leaves the ground;
(8)  it shall operate on an independent electrical circuit;
(9)  it shall operate at a speed of not less than 6 cm/s nor more than 13 cm/s;
(10)  it shall be equipped with a device that allows the platform to be activated manually in the case of a break-down or power shortage and its operating instructions shall be displayed in proximity to it.
O.C. 1058-93, s. 47.