C-24.2, r. 51 - Regulation respecting road vehicles adapted for the transportation of handicapped persons

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43. The steps of a bus or minibus shall comply with the following standards:
(1)  they shall be not more than 23 cm high;
(2)  there shall be no difference in height of more than 25 mm between any 2 of the steps;
(3)  they shall be not less than 21 cm deep over a minimum width of 38 cm;
(4)  they shall have a nosing of not more than 10 mm;
(5)  they shall be lighted by at least one light;
(6)  they shall have a strip of a contrasting color along their horizontal raised border meeting the requirements of section 32 with respect to covering.
O.C. 1058-93, s. 43.