C-24.2, r. 43 - Transportation of Dangerous Substances Regulation

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17. Contaminated soils referred to in the second paragraph of section 9 must be transported in a closed means of containment or in a dump vehicle.
Where contaminated soils are transported in a dump vehicle, an impermeable tarpaulin must,
(1)  if the contaminated soils have a contaminant concentration equal to or in excess of the limit values prescribed in Schedule II to the Land Protection and Rehabilitation Regulation (chapter Q-2, r. 37), cover the top of the dumper entirely so that rain or snow cannot fall in and contaminants cannot escape;
(2)  in the other cases, keep the contaminated soils inside the dumper.
In all cases, where a liquid can leak from the contaminated soils, the means of containment or the dumper must be watertight.
O.C. 866-2002, s. 17; O.C. 1349-2011, s. 16.