C-24.2, r. 40.1 - Regulation respecting the health of drivers

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47. For the purposes of this Division, the following functional respiratory classification is established:
(1)  Class I: presence or absence of dyspnea. If dyspnea is present, it is attributable to non-respiratory causes;
(2)  Class II: presence of dyspnea while walking briskly on flat ground or while climbing a slope;
(3)  Class III: presence of dyspnea while walking on flat ground as compared to a person of the same age or while climbing stairs;
(4)  Class IV: presence of dyspnea after a 100-metre walk on flat ground at the person’s own rhythm;
(5)  Class V: presence of dyspnea while dressing, undressing or speaking.
O.C. 511-2015, s. 47.