C-24.2, r. 39.2 - Pilot Project concerning low-speed vehicles

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2. For the purposes of this Order, a “low-speed vehicle” means a road vehicle powered by an electric motor and including not more than 4 seats, of one of the following makes:
(1)  Canadian Electric Vehicles, manufactured by Canadian Electric Vehicles Ltd.;
(2)  Gem, manufactured by Global Electric Motorcars LLC;
(3)  Goupil, manufactured by Goupil Industrie S.A.;
(4)  Kargo, manufactured by Services Précicad inc.;
(5)  Nemo, manufactured by Véhicules Nemo inc. and Véhicules Volt-Age inc.;
(6)  Vantage, manufactured by Vantage Vehicle International, Inc.;
(7)  Zenn, manufactured by Zenn Motor Company Ltd.
M.O. 2008-07, s. 2; M.O. 2011-09, s. 3.