C-24.2, r. 35 - Regulation respecting special permits

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9. An escort vehicle must:
(1)  have a gross vehicle weight rating of less than 4,500 kg;
(2)  be equipped with flares, lamps or reflectors visible up to a distance of not less than 300 m;
(3)  be equipped with 2 amber lights, at least 1 m apart, with a range of 360º, or 3 amber lights with the centre light having a range of 360º and the other 2 being flashing lights at least 1 m apart. The lights must operate at a rate of 60 to 90 cycles per minute. The light with a range of 360º must have a lens at least 10 cm in height whose width or diameter at that height is at least 12 cm and must be visible in every direction up to a minimum distance of 300 m. The flashing lights must have a minimum diameter of 17.50 cm and must be visible up to a minimum distance of 300 m from the front and the rear.
O.C. 1444-90, s. 9; O.C. 1605-93, s. 10; O.C. 1052-2010, s. 2.