C-24.2, r. 34 - Regulation respecting licences

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54. The procedure according to which an operator, an owner of a heavy vehicle and a person who provides the services of a driver under a leasing contract is informed by a driver referred to in section 519.7 of the Code is the following:
(1)  the information must be provided in writing;
(2)  the writing must be signed by the driver, must indicate whether it is an amendment, a suspension or a cancellation and must give the reasons therefor;
(3)  in the case of an amendment or a suspension, the writing must mention the duration thereof and, in the case of a cancellation, the duration of the period during which the driver may not obtain a licence or class of licence identical to the licence or class of licence cancelled.
O.C. 1421-91, s. 54; O.C. 624-99, s. 1.